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About Us
We are a group of Singapore-based graduates who have been successfully enrolled into renowned companies in different industries. By going through stringent selection processes, we have accumulated first-hand information and valuable experiences. In recent years, we have helped a number of our own friends get positions from companies such as DBS, P&G, and Microsoft. Having seen so many successful stories, we are confident that our advices and suggestions are more relevant to our juniors. And thus, we want to extend our help to more juniors who are proactive to take the first move to manage career!

Our Services
BestTop Career Consulting provides tailored career counselling services to students who are looking for internship and permanent job positions, especially from various graduate trainee programs. 
We offer two types of services:

Individual Career Coaching
We will arrange a tutor, who is experienced in the industry you are interested in, to sit with you in a two-hour one-to-one session. Each session is highly interactive and you can ask about anything related. This provides a good opportunity to get to know key information from insiders and help solve your personal concerns (click to view testimonies). Typical career coaching topics include but not limited to,
  • Walk you through the whole application processes and make personalized plan for you;
  • Polish your resume and cover letter which best fit your application;
  • Provide you practical advices which will enhance your interview skills and performance;
  • Conduct short mock interviews with you using most relevant questions.

Group Sharing Session
We conduct sharing session in the form of a study group, consisting of 4-6 participants (click to view previous sessions). Four sessions will be provided on a weekly basis, each lasting for two hours. Group sharing session offers a unique platform for you to network with and learn from others (click to view testimonies). Exclusive preparation coaching materials, such as psychometric test question bank and most common interview questions, will be given to all participants. Group sharing session topics include,

Session 1- Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Write outstanding resumes and cover letters that best market yourself.
  • Receive customized feedback of your resume.
Session 2 - Effective Interview Skills
  • Learn essential skills to be prepared for tough interview questions.
  • Discover ways to stand out in group discussion interviews.
Session 3 - Mock Interview and Psychometric Tests
  • Practice real interview questions of face-to-face and group discussion interviews.
  • Learn techniques to crack online psychometric tests.
Session 4 - Career Development
  • Discovery your strengths, values and interests through personality test.
  • Acquire techniques for a successful transition to the workplace.

BestTop has successfully held several social events where participants join us to learn, share, and grow with each other. Please look out for our announcements for upcoming events!

Our participants have a lot to say about their joyful experiences with BestTop (click to view full version of testimonies).
  • "BestTop provides excellent career counselling services. Their consultants are highly professional and experienced, and have certainly helped to improve my resume and cover letter writing skills." R. Lee, University of Queensland
  • "BestTop career consulting workshop is really helpful. [...] If I haven‘t learned the interview knowledge previous I will waste my opportunities in interviews to learn it." S. Zhou, National University of Singapore
  • "It is quite useful to take the BestTop career consulting. Now I have a clear idea of my career and hope the skills learnt from BestTop can bring me the ideal job." T. Zhong, National University of Singapore
  • "[…] The BestTop has quite good, experienced and professional staff. […] The practice of the mock interview indeed enhances my confidence in doing well in real interview." T. Fan, National University of Singapore
  • "I have attended the sharing session in the last 2 months. BestTop consultants are really professional. […] I have made new friends and expanded my network." W. Zhou, National University of Singapore

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Do not wait until last minute before your application. Take your action now and let us plan for you. The earlier you prepare, the more you will benefit. All are welcome to contact us at (+65) 8226 8045 or email contact(at) for more information.

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[BestTop Inspiration]: How Career-Minded Are You?

(Written by Dave Berry)
One of the tools I use for college counseling is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In a nutshell, the MBTI gives high schoolers (and adults of all ages) a look at their preferences about life, which can lead to pointing them in the right direction for a college major and life’s work. It helped me to finally understand some of my own behaviors, about which I was puzzled. (Don’t worry; I haven’t completely figured out myself yet.)
The publisher of the MBTI is CPP. They have just done a survey of high school and community college students that had some interesting results. The study showed that career is high on students’ priority lists. An overwhelming majority of participants (81%) said they either “constantly” or “frequently” think about their future career, and 42% (the largest group of respondents for the category) reported that career is “top of mind.”
Here’s a recap of this interesting survey that shows students are . . .
o 81% are “constantly” or “frequently” thinking about their future career
o 12% think about their career only “occasionally”
o Not a single respondent reported “rarely” or “never” thinking about it
Feel careers should be personally fulfilling:
o 80% believe a career should be something that brings enjoyment and fulfillment to their life
o 72% want a career that aligns with their passion
o 53% believe their career will play a role in defining them as an individual
Don’t believe their parents have this privilege:
o    57% said their parents either “like what they do, but suspect they’d rather do something else” or “don’t like what they do, but feel they need to do it for the money” (as compared to 25% who believe their parents “love what they do”)
Connect career success with enjoyment of work:
o 78% believe they will achieve the most success in a career for which they have a passion
o When identifying specific motivators for successful people, the largest group of respondents (58%) believe “enjoyment of the work itself” as the primary motivator for career success over money and a desire for power, influence, and respect among other choices

See their studies as steps to career fulfillment and success:
o The majority (55%) believe that knowing their ideal career path will improve their college performance
o For specifics on what motivates them to study, the largest group of respondents (27%) cited “interest in the subject” as their primary motivator compared to only 9% who cited “getting into a good college”

Gain clarity about their career direction from assessments:
- 72% reported they were more enthusiastic about their future career after taking CPP’s Strong Interest Inventory assessment
- 85% said they became aware of more appealing career options after reviewing their assessment results
- 50% reported that knowing their results made them more likely to study
Bottom line, as cited in the report: “For many of today’s career seekers, the size of their potential paycheck is not all-important. Above all, they want a career that offers opportunities for both professional and personal fulfillment. Career satisfaction now affects everything from individual happiness and family stability to company profits and national economic competitiveness. It contributes to motivation and plays a crucial role in people’s performance of and commitment to their work. Simply put, the more people like what they’re doing for a living, the more motivated they are to put forth the effort and focus that success demands and organizations need.”
Check out the MBTI, if you would like to learn more about yourself, your preferences about life, and how all that can lead to a rewarding career and life’s work.

Management Trainee – Jardine Cycle & Carriage (posted on 02 JULY 2015)

Jardine Cycle & Carriage
Position Type
Graduate Program
Post Date
02 July 2015
Closing Date
24 July 2015

Employer Description
Jardine Cycle and Carriage Limited was renamed from Cycle and Carriage following the integration into the Jardine Matheson Group in 2004. The name change recognises Cycle & Carriage's distinguished 104-year operating history and firmly establishes Jardine Cycle & Carriage as part of the Jardine Matheson Group. The company is a conglomerate that is involved in auto distribution and retail accounts for 13% of auto sales in Singapore. Its marques include Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi and Citroen. Significantly the group includes a large holding in Astra International of Indonesia, an important auto-related conglomerate.

Early career experience shapes the kind of leaders you ultimately become and it sets the trajectory of your future. This Program challenges you to deliver on your thought processes while shaping your career progressively. Unlike other management trainee programs where you need to go through rounds of rotations, you will be trained as a Specialist in a domain area, much more focused – definitely a Fast Track for you.

You should possess a Degree in Business/ Engineering with less than 2 years’ working experience. If you are a driven individual who is passionate about cars and ready to accelerate your career with one of Singapore’s premier automotive groups, this is an excellent opportunity to realize your potential.

Application link

Please email your detailed resume with the following information to :

Management Trainee – V Hotel (posted on 02 JULY 2015)

V Hotel
Hotel Management
Position Type
Graduate Program
Post Date
02 July 2015
Closing Date
30 July 2015

Employer Description
A brand new hotel in Singapore. The hotel aims to provide an array of leisure facilities on our Sky Terrace, your one-stop recreation hub. Embark on a fitness regime at the pool or the gym. Relax in a sedentary cocoon at the al fresco café. Or expand your horizons with unobstructed views of the surroundings.

  • Client building and relationship development
  • Review and servicing of existing company accounts
  • Build up new business contacts and prospecting activities to develop new accounts
  • Able to work as a team, able to face rejection with a positive mindset
  • Self-motivated with good service attitude and enjoy working in a fast-paced sales environment
  • Academic Background in Hospitality Operations with relevant working experience will be considered
  • Diploma holders with less than 2yrs of working experience are strongly encourage to apply
  • Meticulous individuals with strong presentation skills
  • Possess an ability to communicate with people at all levels
  • Strong Integrity with an outgoing personality
Application link
Please email your detailed resume with the following information to

[BestTop Inspirations]: Be your own boss. So True!

[BestTop Activity]: Free E-book on Competency-Based Interview Questions

Internship – Sales and Marketing – DMG / MORI SEIKI (posted on 01 JULY 2015)

Position Type
Post Date
01 July 2015
Closing Date

Employer Description
DMG Mori Seiki AG (formerly Gildemeister AG) is a German mechanical engineering company and machine tool builder headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany. It is a leading manufacturer of machine tools and their controls (such as computer numerical control). Products include lathes, milling machines, machining centers, and mill-turns. With its sister company in Japan, DMG Mori Seiki Company Limited, it markets machine tools worldwide under the brand DMG Mori.

  • Active support in operative and daily business
  • Planning Marketing activities
  • Market analysis
  • Development of new concepts for Marketing
  • Organisation and implementation of commercial activities (e.g. seminars, open houses, mailings)
  • Other projects
  • Study of Business Administration with major in Marketing
  • First practical experience in Marketing would be a plus
  • Good English skills essential
  • Reliable, proactive, being used to work independently
Application link

BestTop Related Mentor
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[BestTop Activity]: Let Us Know Your Interview Experience

Internship – CIMB (posted on 30 JUNE 2015)

Position Type
Graduate Program
Post Date
30 June 2015
Closing Date

Employer Description
CIMB Group is a universal bank headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, operating in high growth economies in ASEAN. CIMB Group is an indigenous ASEAN investment bank, the largest Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) based investment bank and one of the world's largest Islamic banks. CIMB has a wide retail branch network with 1,080 branches across the region.

You will develop a deep understanding of our operations during this hands-on period and build a strong network across the company. You will develop a deep understanding of our operations during this hands-on period. You will be coached and mentored throughout this journey. 

  • First, second or penultimate year students across all degree backgrounds
  • Able to intern for a minimum of two months up to six months
  • Strong academic results - Minumum CGPA of 3.0
  • Active in extracurricular activities including sports
  • Strong desire to learn and succeed
  • High energy and versatile
  • Good interpersonal skills, able to communicate effectively
  • Work well, both independently and as a team player
  • Placements of non-residents or non-citizens are subject to regulatory approvals.
Application link

Please send your CV to

BestTop Related Mentor
Do not know which type of candidate this employer is looking for?
Do not know how to customize resume to this specific job position?
Do not know how to crack the interview and standout in this role?

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[Career Preparation Tips]: Is Consulting Right For You?

(Written by Shelly Palmer)

During a time of transition (forced or otherwise), many of my very successful corporate executive friends ponder the merits of starting a consulting practice. It seems like a logical career path. It may be. But the transition from corporate executive to successful consultant has more to do with self-knowledge than subject matter expertise or skill. If you have been successful in business, you probably have the skills to become a successful consultant. That said, here are seven things to consider before you start your new, new thing.

1. Your Identity
You have been John Smith, EVP, Widgets & Strategic Initiatives for Gigantic Corp. for years. In fact, you did 8 years at Big Corp. before you got your dream job at Gigantic Corp. Your business card has always had a household name on it. Everyone has always immediately returned your phone calls and emails. After all, who in their right mind would not respond to an executive from Gigantic Corp.?

That was then. In your new life, you are going to be John Smith from John Smith Consulting. No one will know what you do or why they should call you back. Your business card will say something like, “John Smith, President, John Smith Consulting.” Even if you make up a cool corporate-sounding name, you are still going to be just some person who is consulting.
This simple fact will have a dramatic impact on your presentation of self in everyday life. You will go from “Jeff … he runs a division of Disney” to “Jeff … he’s a _____ consultant.” You may not think this is going to matter. Trust me – it will make a huge difference. Be sure you’re ready for the psychological change. It can be severe.

2. Getting Work
Just because you’re an expert in doing work does not mean that you are an expert in getting work. These are two very different skills. You’ve had a few jobs in your life and been on a few job interviews. Now, you’re going to be going on a job interview or job interviews every single day. Selling your services will be a constant requirement. Work does not fall from the sky. The world is a very competitive place and people who do what you do spend all of their waking moments thinking about how to take food directly off your table. If you’re not the aggressive sales type, you will need a plan to fill your sales pipeline.

3. When You’re Working You Can’t Be Selling. When You’re Selling You Can’t Be Working
Even if you are an awesome sales person (and most consultants are), there is an immutable law of consulting life: When you’re working you can’t be selling, and when you’re selling you can’t be working. We all live in a time-constrained world, but if you’re building a solo consulting practice, be ready to spend your days selling and your nights working. You’ve never worked harder or longer. And while you have developed expertise managing one boss, you will now be managing many. These are not trivial issues.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a client that wants you on-premises during the day, you’re going to have to learn to manage your sales process. It is very difficult to work 8- to 10-hour days for a client and be an efficient manager of your own sales pipeline. How will it play out? You may be technologically sophisticated enough to handle it, or your career may start to look more like that of a freelancer than a consultant. Not bad, but not ideal.

There are several good solutions to this problem, but they all require you to build a small business infrastructure. Be prepared: consulting is not a job; it’s a business.

4. Lumpy Income vs. Steady Paycheck
One of the biggest shocks for every corporate executive turned consultant is the transition from a steady paycheck to lumpy income. Are you ready to get paid 45 to 90 days after you send a bill? That’s the best of it. Consulting sales cycles can be pretty long. You might go six months without a sale or a job, then do four weeks of work for half a year’s wages. It all comes out in the wash, but it is anything but steady. Do you believe in yourself? Will you have enough confidence in your abilities to keep your head in the game when you just aren’t winning bids or getting paid? Consulting is a rollercoaster. If you don’t like rollercoasters, you might want to consider another line of work.

5. What Specific Problem Do You Solve?
Why does consulting look so easy for some and so difficult for others? Consultants who solve specific problems make it look easy. In a perfect world your prospective client will say, “I need ____. Call Joe!” If your consulting practice solves a specific problem, you will always be on the short list for ____. Get this right and everything else will take care of itself.

In success, you are going to have two soul-searching issues. They are rich people’s problems, but they are worth mentioning.

6. Your First $10,000 Round of Golf
When your consulting fees hit $10,000/day (or any big number; it’s a relative scale), a friend or client is going to ask you to play golf on a Wednesday. This is awesome! Except that Wednesday is a work day and even though you are playing as a guest, the round is going to cost you $10,000. Will you go play or go work? You may think you know your answer right now. Trust me – you don’t!

7. O&OBC
This is an abbreviation for “One and Only Biggest Client.” This is the dream client that books 80 percent of your time and is responsible for 80 percent of your income. Having an O&OBC is the worst possible thing that can happen to you. Don’t let it. Do you have the ability to restrict a client to no more than 20 percent of your income so you can risk-manage your business? Lose your O&OBC and you’re back to square one. Lose a client that represents only 20 percent of your business and it’s another day at the office. You may think you know how you’ll answer this question now. You don’t. Saying no to additional work from a good client is very, very hard. If you want to run a strong, sustainable consulting practice, it’s a requirement.

Good Luck
Is consulting right for you? Hopefully, these seven thought-starters will help you arrive at your decision.